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In 2019 CBL became fully registered with JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) which registers us for services in the Aerospace, Defence and Security Sectors. This was initially required to carry out projects within HM Naval Base Portsmouth however has been maintained for ongoing relationships and opportunities with both BAE and the Ministry of Defence.

CBL Consulting is extremely proud to announce that Cashel's concept structural design sketch has been featured in the September issue of 'The Structural Engineer' - The flagship publication of 'The Institution of Structural Engineers'.

" The client was presented with a concept proposal for an agricultural store in Guernsey. The intended function of the structure guided the simplistic form of construction - the shape and orientation of the open-sided store were such to minimise the effects of the island's prevailing south-westerly wind. Allowances were made for practical features such as a photovoltaic array and a rainwater harvesting system.

The sketch was intended to explain the structural behaviour of the frame - the initial proposal consisted of galvanised steel portal frames with multiple braced bays used to distribute the significant uplift loadings to the pad foundations that would develop due to the large, open elevations.

Estimated material weights were provided to assist with costing, as well as enabling an approximation of the total embodied carbon of the proposals using "A brief guide to calculating embodied carbon" in the July 2020 issue of 'The Structural Engineer' "

Congratulations Cashel!

In August of 2020 Cashel successfully passed the The Institution of Structural Engineers' Certificate in Structural Behaviour. The passing of this exam means Cashel is accelerating closer and closer to achieving his chartered status. Well-done Cashel.

The CBL Blog
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