The Allied Aircrew Memorial was built in memory of 148 aircrew, lost over the Bailiwick waters 70 years ago. The average age of these aircrew was just 24. All of the lost mens names are proudly engraved onto the plaques at the foot of the memorial.

A squadron of Spitfires and a B17 bomber flying in formation at differing heights, suspended at a high level on curved, polished stainless steel poles. These poles are designed to support the solid stainless steel aircraft, evoking a sense of motion and encouraging the viewer to look heavenward, providing a religious connection. The aircraft themselves are stylised, rather than being intended as true replicas. Both the poles and the planes are detachable so they can be easily cleaned, and remain looking fabulous for years to come.Conceptual Architect Create Ltd invited us to contribute our engineering expertise.  We’re very proud of our design, and to be part of this very special project.




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