Constructed for the Guernsey Housing Association by J W Rihoy, phase 2 of the Grand Bouet Housing development comprised of 84 units of accommodation ranging from single bed to 4 bed properties in a variety of types and styles to replace failing historic States houses


Superstructure was constructed from a mix of SIPS and traditional timber frame construction, and a SUDS surface water scheme was constructed discharging to a large culvert at demonstrably lower rates than for the previous houses.


Ground, and groundwater conditions were vary variable and working for J W Rihoy an iterative and phased approach to the substructure was developed and undertaken as ground conditions varied substantially from block to block from dense competent gravels to Silt and Fill with a high water table.


As well the housing scheme the works involved a diversion of the live foul main running through the site, below the surface water culvert to a deep sewer near to Ivy Castle.