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Dockyard Picture

HMNB Portsmouth

No.14/15 Dry Dock, Gantry Crane Civils Works


CBL were appointed to carry out a tender design for dockside Civils works to allow installation of a new 65ft gantry crane within No.14 Dry dock, with an oversail over No.15 dry dock. This involved a comprehensive investigation into the historic information available for the one hundred and fifty year old dock as the Clients brief was to utilise the existing crane rail support beams present to support the new dock. CBL were asked to carry out a design for a new extension to the crane rail support beams along with dockside works including support for a high level electrical installation.

Following the Tender CBL were asked by the Client to undertake the detailed design which included precision setting out due to the existing limited constraints of the dock along with levelling of the rail due to the historic discrepancies and remedial works required due to the historic nature. CBL subsequently followed this project through to completion and handover.


Fountain Lake Jetty Ducting Scheme


CBL were working for BAE on behalf of a Contractor to provide a scheme for new electrical ducting from the existing sub stations to the existing Jetty. Due to the condition of existing ducts within this area, it was proposed to abandon these and install a heavy duty, high capacity, long length set of increased diameter ducts which extended throughout the existing dockyard whilst avoiding complications such as clashes with multiple existing buried services and utilities. CBL provided the scheme information along with detailed design and reinforcement detailing, along with our requirements as a designer under the CDM regulations.


Light Fabrication Hall Car Park


Due to the requirement for additional parking with the base, CBL were instructed to carry out a scheme car park layout and drainage over the original building footprint of the Light Fabrication building footprint. This included kerbing, surfacing, barriers and surface water drainage (via an interceptor) which then connected into the existing drainage system present on the site. From the initial scheme received, CBL rearranged this to optimise manoeuvrability and maximise the number of spaces available.

Whilst the scope of this brief was scaled back to facilitate time constraints, CBL continued this through to detailed design stage and fulfilled their role as a designer under the CDM regulations.


Trafalgar Gate HGV Search Bay


Trafalgar gate had previously been rearranged in recent years to include a new entrance arrangement including entrance canopy, parking bays and revised road layouts.

CBL were asked to provide a pre-tender layout for an area known as the HGV search area whereby vehicles would be inspected prior to being permitted into the base.

At present this was a hardstanding with a series of painted lines whereas, due to the health and safety requirements of the security staff, a number of barriered bays were required with safe walkways in between. The complications arose when the requirement for very large cranes reversing was introduced to the scheme.

This was completed in line with the clients requirements and our role as a designer under the CDM regulations following which it was tendered.


Other schemes include; Multifunction Workshop Car Park, Partial demolition of 30 Store in amongst others.

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